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Untouched Mistress

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Untouched Mistress

The beautiful scenery of the west coast of Scotland and one of its small private islands provides the backdrop for a story of intrigue, passion and drama...

"A good autumn night's read."

- Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Ayrshire, Scotland - November 1815

Guy, Lord Varington, brother to the notorious Wicked Earl, takes a break from his rakish excesses to visit his friend, the laird of the small Scottish village of Kilbride. Breath-taking scenery, the rugged wilds of nature and bracing sea air, Guy hates them all. So it takes a spectacularly bad hangover to push him out for an early morning walk along the shore, where he chances upon an unconscious woman washed up after the nightís storm.

North America/UK Covers

(Untouched Mistress is linked to Lucien Tregellas/The Wicked Earl)

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When Helena McGregor wakens weak and bruised in the lairdís hall she realizes that her escape has not been altogether successful. Desperate to continue her flight to the safe anonymity of London she dare not reveal her true name or identity, for Helena is hiding a shameful and terrifying secret.

Guy is not convinced by the story the mysterious widow is spinning, and means to seduce the truth from her, little knowing to what his intention will lead. For the truth will cost them both much more than they could ever realize. As they fight the compelling attraction between them, the dark danger from Helenaís past catches up with them to threaten them both.

2 Stories in 1

The Wicked Earl/Untouched Mistress

Linked Book

Lucein Tregellas/The Wicked Earl

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