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The Wicked Earl

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Lucien Tregellas/The Wicked Earl

From wild and rugged Cornwall, the setting of Poldark and Jamaica Inn, comes another fabulous, dramatic story...

"4 *
McPhee skilfully weaves a tale of revenge, betrayal and an awakening love in this emotional and compelling romance about an innocent young woman, a forbidding lord and an evil villain."

- Romantic Times BOOKreviews

(Lucien Tregellas/The Wicked Earl is linked to Untouched Mistress)

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London - Februrary 1814

When Miss Madeline Langley is saved from some very unwanted and improper attentions on two separate occasions, she is too relieved to enquire her saviour's name. Little does she know that her tall, dark defender is Lucien Tregellas, known to all of London as the Wicked Earl!

Tregellas has no intention of an amorous interest in any woman; he has a much more pressing matter of concern on his mind. But when Miss Langley is inadvertently drawn into the sinister game being played out, he knows he must act. Beneath his cold indifferent facade Lucien finds he is not unaffected by the woman who is now legally his own.

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Untouched Mistress

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The Wicked Earl/Untouched Mistress

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