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Gentlemen of Disprepute - The Series

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Gentlemen of Disrepute - The Series

Rebellious rule-breakers, ready to wed!

GENTLEMEN OF DISREPUTE follows a group of aristocratic young bucks from the glitter and glamour of the Ton and its ballrooms to the darker seamy side of Regency Londonís underworld. The books are linked by a network of common characters - friends, relatives and even enemies - but each story also stands on its own. Read how I came to write the series...

Unmasking the Duke's Mistress
Book One

A Dark and Brooding Gentleman
Book Two

His Mask of Retribution
Book Three

Dicing with the Dangerous Lord
Book Four

Mistress to the Marquis

Book Five

The Gentleman Rogue

Book Six

The Lost Gentleman

Book Seven

How to Tempt a Viscount
Short ePrequel

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