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About Margaret


Iíve always been in love with the idea of romance.

The early years - pirates, highwaywomen and handsome princes
I was reading my granís romance novels from an early age and wrote my first love story at primary school (much to my teacherís disapproval!). Most of my childhood was spent as a pirate aboard a ship-tree, as a highwaywoman upon an invisible horse or, when I got a bit older, being rescued by a handsome prince. I was usually imagining when I should have been busy doing other things which got me into no end of trouble!

A bookworm and Heyer
And when I wasnít imagining I was reading - Cynthia Harnett, Molly Hunter, Rosemary Sutcliffe, and Jean Plaidy, to name but a few. I loved historical fiction and the magical adventurous journeys into the past books took me on. But then one day in the school library I found Georgette Heyer...and a lifelong love of Regency romance began (
Devil's Cub remains one of my favourite reads and its Miss Mary Challoner one of my favourite heroines to this day!)

A proper job
Although Iíve always loved reading books and inventing my own little stories I never seriously thought that I could become a writer; it was drummed into me from an early age to work hard, get a good education and a ďproper jobĒ. Like a good girl, I did as I was told. So, I trained in the biological sciences and went on to do scientific research into a number of different areas including parasitic infections and cancer. I worked in research laboratories in universities and pharmaceutical/biotech companies, as well as enjoying a diversity of employment within a hospital psychology department and a water filter refurbishment company. But amongst all that reading of scientific journals, psychology reviews and water filter refurbishment operating procedures, there was always a Harlequin romance novel or two!

Rejection and that phone call
All those romance stories voraciously read, and all those years of daydreaming eventually culminated in the decision to write my own romantic novel. I wrote two full length manuscripts and received rejection after rejection from both literary agents and publishers before joining the Romantic Novelists' Association. This organizationís members include both published and aspiring authors and the latter can have their work critiqued as part of its New Writers Scheme. Having participated in this scheme
The Captain's Lady, my first book to be published, was accepted by Harlequin Mills & Boon. Receiving that telephone call from the Harlequin Historical editor was one of the most special and memorable moments in my life.

Tea and cakes...and bit of walking and cycling
I live with my husband on the West Coast of Scotland. When not writing I enjoy cycling, walking along the shore, and tea and cakes (although not necessarily in that order!).

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